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So yesterday (June 28) was ALL CAPS DAY. Hopefully you turned on caps lock and shouted all day long. Unfortunately I missed it until it was too late. I hope you’ll forgive me, Billy Mays. RIP 😥

I got to thinking about the caps lock key because of ALL CAPS DAY, and it took me a while to remember the last time I used it. It was last month… oh wait, that was when I pressed it by accident. The month before that I used a few times… no, those were accidents too. 90% of the times my caps lock key is pressed, it’s either unintentional or it’s my cat. This is called Unintentional Caps Lock Syndrome (UCLS), and UCLS often leads to Uppercase Password Disorder (UPD), a horrifying condition that causes irritability, fits of rage, and, in extreme cases, technophobia.

If caps lock were somewhere else on the keyboard it would be alright. But as it is, it’s more useful if it’s turned off. So here’s how to silence the beast that is caps lock. This article is just for Windows, but I’ll write something like this for Linux sometime.

Also… I had to put this in here somewhere: PROCAPSLOCK.ORG. Funny stuff.

real men read guides

I found a very thorough guide that tells how to remap caps lock (or any other key) to another key by editing the registry, and how to completely disable caps lock or any other key. Reading this will put you well on your way to becoming a key-mapping guru!

quick fixes

If you have the attention span of a squirrel and/or you are lazy and/or you actually have a life aside from mapping the keys on your keyboard (does such a thing even exist??), here are some .reg files so you don’t have to edit the registry yourself. After downloading one, all you have to do is double click the file (or right-click -> Merge), confirm the registry edit, and then reboot.

Because scroll lock is even more useless than caps lock, you might want to remap scroll lock to caps lock just in case you ever want to use caps lock (like on ALL CAPS DAY). The “+move to scroll lock” file does this.

disable caps lock

caps lock to shift . . . . . . . . . . . . +move to scroll lock

caps lock to escape . . . . . . . . . +move to scroll lock

caps lock to backspace . . . . . . +move to scroll lock

caps lock to windows key . . . . +move to scroll lock

caps lock to control. . . . . . . . . . +move to scroll lock

clear all key remaps (resets the keyboard layout to default)

Not that it matters much, but the files above that map caps lock to shift, control, or the windows key refer to left shift, left control, and the left windows key.

As for me, I mapped my caps lock key to escape. Now instead of having to use two hands to bring up the task manager (ctrl + alt + del), I can just smack one hand down on ctrl + shift + caps lock! You call it laziness, but I call it efficiency.


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  • 1. Caleb  |  September 26, 2009 at 4:36 am

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!!! i cant play certain games because of caps lock. my caps lock is my sprint button, and i cant sprint and strafe while moving forward. (i cant sprint diagonally) And its super frustrating.. is there anyway you could make a Caps to L .reg file or something like that? make it a letter? Id prefer K or L or any letter key on that side of the keyboard because i dont use those during games.

    ill use CAPS to backspace until then THANKS SO MUCH!!!!


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