So many music players

March 31, 2009 at 1:03 am Leave a comment

Yesterday and today I went on a quest to try out some of the major Linux music players to see which I liked best. I looked for two main things: 1) features to manage a fairly large library, and 2) working with my mp3 player. In Windows I used MediaMonkey, and for me that was the perfect player. Basically I looked for the Linux player that came the closest to MediaMonkey. So, onto the players…

Rhythmbox is the default Mint audio player, and while it’s a solid program, it doesn’t have much when it comes to managing a music library, and I couldn’t get it to work with my mp3 player.

Banshee looks very much like Rhythmbox. Not many library-organizing features, and again my mp3 player didn’t work with it.

I liked Exaile. It is simple yet more powerful than the above two in my opinion. But my mp3 player didn’t work with it. 😦

Songbird… very unique, that’s for sure. It combines a web browser and a music player into one. It’s an original idea, but I didn’t find it to be very practical, and all the extra browser capabilities just make it slow and clunky. I’m not saying Songbird is bad, it’s just not what I want in a music player. And I realize it’s in the early stages of development… but still it’s just not what I was looking for. I didn’t even try out my mp3 this time.

I actually tried this one second (after Rhythmbox), but we all know it’s more dramatic to leave the best one for the end. 😉 Amarok. It is AWESOME. Actually it’s not much compared to MediaMonkey in terms of library management tools, but it’s got more than the others (file naming based on a scheme, getting tags from file names, character replacement in file names). Editing tags is easy, and the interface is just nice in general. And it works with my mp3 player! Even more, it has lots of options for media devices, allowing me to set up how music files are organized on my mp3 player. Oh, and by the way, I’m talking about Amarok 1.4. I didn’t like the layout of version 2 at all, and a lot of the features are lost in version 2. But from what I read on their blog it seems like they’re working towards putting a lot of the features back in and making it more flexible, so we’ll see.

In conclusion, I didn’t find a music player as good as the one I used in Windows (I didn’t expect to), but I got pretty darn close when I found Amarok.


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