Why use Linux?

March 29, 2009 at 6:29 am 1 comment

These are some commonly stated reasons for using Linux:

1. “It’s free (as in free beer)” (So goes the saying, but why beer, anyways? You don’t find free beer very often…)
2. “It’s free (as in freedom)”
3. “It will never go out of business”
4. “Lots of free software for Linux”
5. “It’s more stable than Windows” (less crashing)
6. “It’s more secure than Windows”
7. “It’s faster than Windows”
8.5. “Microsoft is an evil company trying to take over the world”

Obviously not all of these are true. Most of these are good reasons for some people, but not most people. The average home computer user doesn’t care about open-source, and he doesn’t even care that Linux is free because the computer he bought at the store came with Windows on it already. That’s a huge reason most people don’t use Linux: they just want to stay with what’s already there. They don’t want to take the trouble of installing and learning how to use Linux. Why use another operating system if you’ve already got one that works?
I’m not saying that if computers came with Linux instead of Windows, people would love it. Not in the current state of things, anyways. Almost all software is made for Windows, and Linux is generally harder to use than Windows (this may not be true for some distros, like Mandriva). Then again, if Linux came in store-bought computers instead of Windows, software developers would make software for Linux, and it wouldn’t be in store-bought computers unless it was easy to use.
I actually started this post just wanting to say why I am using Linux. My reasons are: I’m curious, it’s free, and it makes me feel smart and nonconformist. I don’t really care that Linux is open source, besides the fact that it allows Linux to be actively developed by many people. As for more stable, more secure, and faster than Windows, I had no complaints about Windows XP in these areas. If I ran a web server, that would be a different story… but for home use I think Windows is pretty good. And I may end up going back to Windows, just because 90% of all software is made for Windows (and because of the games, hehe). But for now I’m staying with Linux. Windows just doesn’t give me the +10 geek points. 🙂
Oh, I almost forgot. I also like Linux because it’s the only OS good enough for supervillains.


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  • 1. techwoo  |  January 10, 2010 at 11:58 am

    Why use Linux? .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.


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